You don’t need a pro photographer.

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Photography is simple, not rocket science, right?  We can all do it with a good camera, even a good camera-phone.  We do it all the time.

It’s the same with your profession; you know that anybody could do what you do, no skills or training needed.  Just go buy a scalpel and you’re a surgeon!  A great calculator makes a great accountant!  That 24 karat gold pen set means quality legal advice!

Or maybe there’s more to it than good equipment.

You know you want the best images possible but how often is the best the cheapest?  Sure, the advent of digital photography has given us a whole new batch of self-professed ‘professional photographers’ but it’s happened before, too.  When automatic 35mm cameras became cheaper and more widespread in the 70’s, more people became ‘professional photographers’.  Some even lasted a year or two before going back to their hobbyist roots.

Today, it’s true that the ‘Garbage Can’ button on their digital cameras allows them to instantly throw out boringly lit, out-of-focus, awkwardly framed, and automatically exposed images.  But can you afford to waste your time on bad snapshots that make you look cheap or, worse, that you don’t care about your image?

When you hire a pro, you’re not just hiring a person with a more expensive camera than your tech guy. You’re hiring someone who knows how to make you or your subject material look fantastic, using artistic composition, with the technical expertise to create an outstanding image that will likely exceed your expectations. You’re hiring someone who can understand your vision and shape it into something powerful, presentable and professional.

You can find a pro by referral, by talking to your ad agency, or by contacting one of these local or national professional organizations:

PPOC-BC. British Columbia’s arm of PPOC  http://www.ppoc-bc.ca/

PPOC. Professional Photographers of Canada  http://www.ppoc.ca

CAPIC. Canadian Association of Artists and Illustrators in Communications http://www.capic.org/

But if you want to do your own surgery, go buy that scalpel today.

Good luck!


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