Vegas Was Just A Blur…

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Sometimes, it’s fun just to play with a camera.  In fact, I think play is important because if you’re not enjoying your job, it’s just that: a job.  But I love my job!

The gambling in Vegas don’t interest me as much as it does my beloved, so I tend to spend my time looking for photos while she has her fun at the slots.  This time we stayed at the Golden Nugget just for a weekend getaway, having stayed the last two times at the Mandalay Bay while I attended Photoshop World, a great experience BTW.

This shot was taken at 1/2 sec., f/20, ISO 100, 12mm.  The slow speed is not just to compensate for the small aperture and low ISO, but to allow the camera to rotate around the lens axis while hand-holding.   I was just standing around outside the Nugget on Fremont Street, re-visiting my photographic past; zoom blurs were big in the late 70’s (because zoom lenses were big, too) and, as the song says, everything old is new again.  This particular shot, I was trying to combine two blurs; zoom and motion.  So, as I rotated the camera, I held the zoom barrel in place, resulting in the lens zooming while the camera moved. (I wanted to say the zoom rolled while the camera rocked, but I wouldn’t do that.)  Color temperature-wise,  I could have pulled a warmer glow from the lights by setting white balance to daylight but I set for tungsten (incandescent) to get the blues and purples.

Play, have fun, experiment!  Sometimes even reading the owner’s manual (gasp!) can reveal places buried in sub-menus where an interesting diversion can be found.  “So that’s what that’s for…”


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