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The Langara College Professional Photo-Imaging Program took students from 1st and 2nd year, as well as students in the Photo Explorations (PHOT 1100) class, for a trip to the Reifel Bird Sanctuary in Ladner.

Through the generosity of Beau Photo, Nikon, and Canon, and  the efforts of Eric, Darren and Tomo at Langara, we managed to scrounge a couple of lenses.  Or a couple dozen!  We figure roughly $100K value, which is a testament to the commitment of the industry to the Langara program.

Students and staff brought their own camera bodies and lenses, available to borrow were Canon and Nikon lenses ranging from 70-200 to 500mm, and 1.4 & 2x teleconverters.
So, if you put a 500mm with a 2x tele on an APS size sensor body, you’re lookin’ at 1,600-ish mm of raw, manly focal length! Ohw, ohw, ohw!  (How would you spell that Tim-the-Tool-Man sound?)

The day was chilly but shooting conditions were good.  The amount of feathery wildlife was amazing and there was lots of other nature to be observed as well; trees and greenery, squirrels, spiders, all sorts of great things!

This photo was taken just before we separated and moved into the park, 10.5 mm, 1/160th @ f/8.


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