A Personal photo is just that: personal.  That means it must tell a story about the person(s) involved otherwise it’s just (as my friend Don says) a roadmap of the face.

Right Light personal portraits usually hang in the home as a feature on a wall, hence the term: wall portraits.  The location is decided during an initial consultation at your home and then the image is composed with that location in mind.

Other considerations all come from the people involved.  What tells their story at this moment?  How do they live?  Why is this moment important?  Questions like these are answered in the consultation and also we will give guidance on clothing, colors, location and design.

During the session, the primary goal is reality and naturalness.  Candid photographs will catch sponteneity not there in a “Say cheese!” type of snapshot.  Relaxed grouping and gentle direction will encourage natural expressions. Even a formal pose will convey a feeling of traditional, graceful elegance.

The entire process will be easy, fun, relaxed and enjoyable.  And those are quotes from our clients!

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